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Aboriginal Peace and Friendship Project

peace and Friendship Gathering in front of Tatamagouche Bay.This is a partnership project of Tatamagouche Centre and the Mennonite Central Committee, in association with the Aboriginal Rights Coalition – Atlantic and the Task Group on Aboriginal Relationships and Concerns of Maritime Conference, United Church of Canada. Building on the foundational work of Lnapskuk - The Neighhbours Project from 2002 to 2005, this project works toward further efforts of peace, justice and mutuality among First Nations and non-Aboriginal people and groups in the Maritime region.

Peace and Friendship Gathering.The title “Peace and Friendship” comes from the names of the series of treaties, signed in the 1700’s, between the First Nations of this region and the British Crown. These treaties are legal today, and inspire us toward a re-newing of good relationships, as they had been envisioned long ago. This project work of peace and friendship happens not only through programs at Tatamagouche Centre – new networks, gatherings, educational events and celebrations are being encouraged in all parts of our Maritime region.

Our vision for Peace and Friendship work:
To create a new understanding and awareness between one another which creates an environment for healing the past. Many generations before us have passed on without reconciling the past. Now, we as the children of those ancestors who signed the Peace and Friendship Treaties (Mi'kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy and non-Aboriginal) have a unique role, responsibility and opportunity to re-establish peaceful relationships with one another so that the atrocities of the past will not be repeated, overtly or covertly.

We must create new awareness between and amongst First Nations and non-Aboriginal people, that those who currently and/or one day will create policy (social, political, educational, judicial, environmental, etc) will someday deem it laughable and absurd that there was once a time the First Nations of this land were not included in any type of policy development or discussion, at any level.

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