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Black Leadership Advisory Committee

Some members of the BLAC

The Tatamagouche Centre has been working to build meaningful linkages with the African Maritime community through programming developed by and for Black leaders.  Our Black Leadership Advisory committee is involved in the development, outreach and support of youth, young adult and other leaders in the community.  Through the support of the To Seek Justice Fund the Tatamagouche Centre has been able to extend bursaries to members of the Black community in a variety of our leadership and transformational programs.  

Black Leadership Advisory Committee:  Amanda Reddick - Program Resource Group, Tatamagouche Centre; Ann Marie Beals - educator, mentor, diversity training facilitator and psychology student, Barbara Hamilton-Hinch - Assistant Professor at Dalhousie in the School of Health and Human Performance Dalhousie University; Mohamed Yaffa - Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Capital District Health Authority, Program Resource Group, Tatamagouche Centre; Tionda Cain Program Resource Group, Tatamagouche Centre; Steve Law - Facilitator and Adult Educator, Michael Fisher - Student Success Specialist, Fruturepreneur Mentor, Cross-Cultural and Diversity Affairs, StFX University, Liliona Quarmyne - Facilitator and Adult Educator


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