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We work hard to make our programs affordable to everyone of all incomes.
Sometimes we are able to offer bursaries, but rarely as much as we would like. If you simply can't get the funds together we ask that you fill out our bursary form in pdf format or bursary form in doc format and Email it to us.

Even if we don't have the funds on hand, knowing who is missing out gives us an opportunity to work with you and potential funders. 
We also encourage applicants to take an active role in generating your own scholarship* through creativity and personal effort. Here’s some suggestions to get started:
  • Are your friends and family out shopping for your holiday or birthday presents? Could you ask them to gift you with money towards this training instead?
  • Would your community or organization, church or local service club support you to come? In return, you might offer to do a presentation when you return and teach something of what you learn. This extends the impact of the learning you receive.
  • Would your community support a second person to come with you? If two of you can co-train together, you’ll have support and be more effective.
  • Would your friends help you do a fundraising event: a garage sale, a raffle, a concert, a silent auction, a potluck, a formal tea party, a video screening, a bowling tournament, a guided herb walk, a poetry reading, a theater event, a ___?
  • Do you make crafts or art items that you could sell? Grow veggies or flowers? Can you offer tarot readings, foot massages, fresh cookies, live music? Get a booth at your local market or fair. Add a donation jar and attractive sign to your booth, telling why you’re fundraising
  • Online fundraising can be very effective if you have a large network of friends who might help. Not all such sites allow fundraising for individuals, but Give Foward does, at minimum fee. Remember, such a campaign takes time, so start early.
  • Some people work in mainstream jobs where their employers contribute half the costs of “continuing education.” Ask. Do you have vacation coming? This might be the time.
  • Your tuition may be tax deductible as an education expense (if you itemize taxes and/or file taxes as a small business). If you are someone’s tax dependent and they pay for your tuition, it may be a deduction for them. 


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* Thank you to Earth Activist Training for this text.

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