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Common Life Annual Gathering 2019

  Apr 26 - Apr 27, 2019 Fri 2:00 PM - Sat 3:00 PM

The goal of the Common Life program is to build community–a common life–among participants so that they can be challenged and supported to live a healing life in the church and in the world. Each group may choose distinct activities to develop engagement with the five key practices. Some groups view films and read books together. Others undertake special projects.
Participants meet once a year within the larger regional framework of the Maritime Provinces.

 We will be keeping the same format as in previous years with a start time of 2pm on Friday (some gathering with music before that for those available) and end our time together at 3:30 on Saturday.

The cost is $156 per person for meals and overnight in shared accommodations or $181 for meals and lodging in a single room. Local people who are attending and do not require overnight at the Tatamagouche Centre pay $40 less = $116.

Cameras are everywhere, and everyone seems to be using a smartphone to snap and share photos. It is quite possible that one would find more cameras (in the form of smartphones) than sacred texts at the worship services of just about every religious tradition. Photovoice is a technique that brings together amateur photography, critical conversations and the desire for social change. The Fredericton area Common Life group is going to introduce the photovoice technique and use it as the method for our discussions for the 2019 Common Life Annual Gathering (CLAG).

In preparation, we ask you to ponder the following question:

What does the tension between the World and the Spirit look like in your life?

Use your camera to answer this question. From the photos that you take (or select from your existing collection) in the coming months, choose three that you want to share at CLAG. There is no wrong way to answer the question with a photo. Please keep in mind that if someone (other than you) is identifiable in a photo, you need to ask their permission to share the photo at CLAG.

Ideally, make colour prints of each the three photos on regular 8.5 x 11 paper. Low cost photo printing is available at stores like Walmart or Staples. Bring these prints with you to CLAG. (If you forget – don’t worry! We’ll have a back-up plan.)

Here’s a link to an interview during which Cathy Holtmann talks about using photovoice as a tool for interfaith dialogue with Muslim and Christian students at UNB:

 As part of our commitment to Common Life, every member is encouraged to attend.  We are also inviting all those who are interested in finding out more about Common Life to come join us.



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